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Company Overview

CalciMedica is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing inhibitors of CRAC channels for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, including COVID-19 pneumonia and acute pancreatitis. CRAC channels are critical for the transport of calcium, a key messenger molecule, into many cell types. Calcium is an important regulator of multiple biological functions, and CRAC channel activation controls several of these functions including inflammation, vascular permeability and cell death. CalciMedica has developed a portfolio of wholly-owned CRAC channel inhibitors and custom assays to optimize chemical leads.


The Company’s extensive preclinical work has shown a clear link between CRAC channel activation and a broad spectrum of both acute and chronic diseases that have the common thread of inflammation in their pathogenesis. CalciMedica is advancing both an intravenous formulated CRAC channel inhibitor, AuxoraTM, for the treatment of acute inflammatory indications such as severe COVID-19 pneumonia and acute pancreatitis as well as an orally available CRAC channel inhibitor, CM6325, for the potential treatment of chronic indications such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pancreatitis.


CalciMedica is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Company History


Dr. Ken Stauderman and collaborators discovered the role of STIM1, a protein that works in concert with Orai1 to form the CRAC channels targeted by CalciMedica’s drugs.



CalciMedica was founded by scientists from Torrey Pines Therapeutics, including Dr. Stauderman, CalciMedica’s Chief Scientific Officer, and a team from Harvard’s CBR Institute for Biomedical Research comprised of Anjana Rao, Patrick Hogan (currently at La Jolla Institute for Immunology) and Stefan Feske (currently at NYU School of Medicine).



At CalciMedica, Dr. Stauderman led a team that developed a series of proprietary assays that have allowed for the identification of highly selective CRAC channel inhibitors and has built a leading platform for this work.



The Company has advanced two different CRAC channel inhibitors into human clinical testing, including its lead compound AuxoraTM. It has also generated a novel set of CRAC channel inhibitors with different features and assembled a portfolio of patents and patent applications covering those compounds as well as different aspects of CRAC channel biology, including the STIM and Orai proteins that are key elements of a CRAC channel.


The CalciMedica team is comprised of scientists, physicians, drug development experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to the development of CRAC channel inhibitors for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. The team is led by Rachel Leheny, Ph.D., who has over 30 years of experience in the life sciences industry as a scientist, a research analyst at several investment banks, and as a venture capital investor. Kenneth Stauderman, Ph.D., a co-founder of the Company and Chief Scientific Officer, is a leading expert in CRAC channels and led the discovery of some of the foundational work in this field. Sudarshan Hebbar, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, has over 15 years of clinical development and product development experience and was previously a practicing nephrologist and intensivist.


Rachel Leheny
A. Rachel Leheny, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn, MBA
President & Chief Operating Officer
Sudarshan Hebbar
Sudarshan Hebbar, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Kenneth Stauderman
Kenneth Stauderman, Ph.D.
Co-founder & Chief
Scientific Officer
Daniel Geffken
Daniel Geffken
Interim Chief Financial Officer
John Dunn
Acting General Counsel

Board of Directors


CalciMedica is seeking innovative and highly motivated applicants to join its dedicated team for the positions listed below.

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